Saturday, June 28, 2008

street fair saturday

what a morning we had here! there was a little street fair scheduled so we thought we'd check it out. dad had work all day so i thought we'd take a walk downtown and if nothing else tire the kiddos out so we'd get good nappage today. we started out on one street and i have to say i was a little disappointed. i noticed they changed it up a bit, there was one block that was the "kid zone" and another block a few blocks away that really was just a sidewalk sale for the downtown shops to unload their extras. we cruised through the sidewalk sale had a snack and it was nice to stop, have no set plan and just do as we please. usually we run like chickens with our heads cut off. today we just did whatever we liked. gracie mentioned she wanted to go to the duck pond on campus that was nearby, why not! it was fun to take them. i do so many photo sessions there i always say i'd love to shoot my kids here. of course today i didn't have the good camera and i think i would certainly need another hand. today i was a little preoccupied in making sure jackson didn't go for a swim while i was trying to set up a shot! but they were thrilled with all the ducks, especially the 3 babies and jackson even had the keen eyes to find the elusive turtle.
afterwards we headed to the "kid zone". friends of mine from the junior women's club were face painting and gracie was very excited at the prospect. she picked a butterfly and jackson, unfortunately refused. he needs time to watch and decide it was all too fast for him! then we moved on to the inflatables. a block full of variety of shapes and sizes and bouncy jumpy fun. we started with the bounce house. grace was excited right away. jackson had to watch her once to decide that it was worth taking off his shoes. then..... i couldn't get them out. yes, i was that parent. the parent with the worst kids at the fair. after being instructed a few times from the guy running the bounce house to exit neither of them were budging. jackson had laid down in defiance and grace was WAILING!!! oh joy! so my BFT got to squiggle and wiggle my way in and drag, literally DRAG my children out. good thing i knew so many of the fellow parents waiting patiently with their well mannered children. one of whom was my ob/gyn. i was sure to tell her that perhaps she won't be seeing me quite so soon with hopes of being pregnant!! maybe when they're 20 & 23..... it was one of those ridiculous moments, but we recovered quickly and we even returned to the bounce house after the slides. the guy looked at me funny attempting again but this time they were much better. grace, i have no idea where she gets her nerve, she climbed up this STEEP blow up ladder to go down this giant slide. poor jackson just couldn't quite make it, which was probably good because i imagine that he would've gone to the top and gotten stuck there not wanting to go down either Way. good thing there was a slide that was one step down. we tried the second one and they could both climb up and slide down and they enjoyed it!
it was a hot day and we were busy. i couldn't imagine going home and first making lunch so we went to Rita's for ices instead! what a treat! and to boot they both took a nap when we got home! happy kids, happy mommy!

my little movie star

monkey see, monkey do

what a duo

CHEESE!!!! look ma DUCKS!

fine, i'll hug him, stop asking....

waiting to go in the bounce house!

the ladder to the BIG slide

little miss serious

free show!

ices, yum!

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