Tuesday, June 10, 2008

smile for doughnuts!

sometimes you just gotta love big kids! they smile when you ask them to smile, they sit where you ask them to sit. takes a little of the guess work out. today's family was just super! great kids that did a lot of what i asked of them. they sat and posed for those great-for-grandma shots and they showed a lot of their personality to get a huge variety of shots. they showed a lot of love for mom, who can't dig that?! i loved getting to capture their little family and their many sides. mom was also one of those super cool moms who recogonizes that sometimes funny faces and crazy hair is just their kids. that's the way they are, take it or leave! and she was certainly taking it. makes me more relaxed to shoot when she's fully aware of what she's getting. and who wouldn't just eat these guys up....

what a beauty

great kids, sat a posed so nicely...

...and goofed off too

can't you just FEEL the love?

having fun in the trees

handsome guy, we bribed him by telling him we were going to pass his photos around school if he didn't behave! ha ha, you have to be creative.



Anonymous said...

fara you are relly doing a beautiful job..

slouching mom said...

she IS a beauty, isn't she? and a wild child, too! i love her.