Saturday, June 14, 2008

father's day presents

gracie's showing more of an interesting in creating things these days and loves to make them FOR people so i decided to use father's day as a perfect example to ACTUALLY use my creative skills and make something. since jackson's still not too fond of crafts i went on the fact that he enjoyed rock painting the other day so we just took it to another level. we collected rocks off the path in the backyard and went to town. jackson was in charge of the bees and grace in charge of the lady bugs. we painted, glittered, winged, antennaed, and googlied eyed. and i tried my best not to take over! they came out pretty cute and we sent one to poppy, gave one to pappy, and wrapped one up for dad to open tomorrow!

my two little crafters

adding googly eyes

the finished bugs

but adding them to a simple keepsake box seemed to give them more purpose than giving someone rocks.

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