Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First Ever Centre County Buddy Walk!!!!

we did it! we finally organized out first Centre County Buddy Walk! after all these years attending the nyc buddy walk and talking about starting one up here the day has finally arrived. and while i am not a nervous person by nature i was looking forward to getting through this walk to start ironing out the kinks. and low and behold as the day progressed i began to realize the day was going off better than i could have imagined! as with doing anything the first time you expect hiccups, but really it was a remarkable day. we set up (in the rain!) with ease. we had 100 walkers!!! and everyone stayed to picnic and do crafts and play for the afternoon. so different from our nyc experience, where we go, walk and leave and head to a restaurant for lunch. at this walk we knew so many families and there were so many children it was such a great way to spend the afternoon. both walks are great in their own respect but i enjoyed this change of pace of hanging out and playing. plus, being our hometown walk i did have jobs to do and helped out. i took tons of photos and hope to put together a book of the walk to have in our library.

here are some of the highlights of the day:

mr. j eager to get there!

jackson's joggers

j-man was even excited to do, gasp! crafts! he made a lovely painted rock with googly eyes!

j had a hard time seeing mom "work" and not want to come running over!

pappy and j

mom and grace

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