Monday, June 2, 2008

HE DID IT!!!!!

jackson is officially a preschool graduate! i'm so proud! now he can go out into the world and make something of himself!
it was a little haired there for a moment. we weren't sure if he was going to go through with it. but, instead we got a glimpse of what to expect in 12 or so years at high school graduation. we are raising the class clown. their school graduation is at the end of the year ice cream social at a local park. the whole school is invited. it was a lovely evening. we made it over and started to play at the park before the ice cream was ready. well, who wants to stop playing on the playground to eat ice cream?!?! not jackson! so first off he didn't really want to partake in the ice cream part of the ice cream social. but on the other hand his sister would drop anything to have ice cream was unfortunately not allowed to have any due to some earlier bad behavior and not finishing her dinner. so we have one child whining to go back to the playground and one child whining to have the ice cream that her brother is so willing to leave behind!

good times.

so we play a little more and then they make an announcement to gather around and we'll commence commencement. all the children (9 or so, big group this year) line up and sit on one side of picnic bench. they are given little mortar board party hats for the festivities which last a fleeting 1.2 seconds on jackson's head.

illustration No.1 of jackson's not giving a flying hoot to sit there and follow through this:

so they start calling names and each child walks up to the teacher and receives their medal and their framed diploma. eric and i are catching eyes and rolling them. no way j-man is walking up their independently tolerating this thing around his neck and not using his diploma as a frisbee. the little boy alphabetically before him gets up gets his things, smiles nicely for his mother and takes a seat. i hold my breath.... "Jackson Lippincott"
and voila!

the ham and a half goes to the middle of the group throws his hands up over his head and starts cheering! the crowd goes wild! i begin to wonder if it was all an act. throw us off with some obstinate behavior just to pull this silliness off! he knew what was going on and he knew he was the center of attention. he proceeded up to his teachers got his medal and diploma and ran back to dad to take his seat. not only can you NOT predict his behavior he goes above and beyond to keep you on your toes. he know wears the stinkin' medal everywhere!

let's take a look at well behaved jackson:

and here's the proud family:

all in all a lovely evening and a very memorable end to jackson preschool career. but i do glance to the future and worry if our hands are going to be a tad full.....

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Anonymous said...

i can't even believe i have missed all these stories! CONGRATULATIONS J!! I love the glasses:)