Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

this is grace

this is grace on crack

what a little pistol. i believe the 2nd photos does her justice. she's in a screaming-for-no-reason phase. not a bad screaming. not tantrum screaming. just screaming. for screaming sake. for fun. she find great joy in it. we're currently working on "screaming is for games. go penn state", or "go penn STEAK" if you are grace.

today is mother's day. for a change we had a nice subdued mother's day. no traveling, no big plans. i'm learning that it's not what i WANT for mother's day more than it's what i DON'T want for mother's day. i don't care what we do, i just want a day off from taking care of my children. no potty trips. no cooking. no feeding. we did alright today. i got a lovely breakfast in bed. then we just caught up on my disney channel and tickle tortures in bed. we ran a few errands as a family. had lunch. took a nap. ordered in yummy sushi for dinner! and i'm in my pjs waiting for desperate housewives and brother & sisters. perfect day. i was even relieved of laundry duty.
not bad. not bad mom. not bad. a slow rainy family day.
i hope everyone was celebrated as they wished. i am surrounded by so many mothers. so many different mothers. i cherish them all and learn from them all.
Happy Mother's Day

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