Friday, May 2, 2008

big top times

so, the follow up from the circus. it was a grand success! well, they had to get over the fact that there were not going to be any dinosaurs (we just saw the dino show at the same venue and they now believe the dinos live there) and we had to get over that we were not going to see a basketball game (we see many a game over the winter in the same venue) but once we were in and the crazy stimuli of the circus took over they we're quite excited to experience that too. don't go on their enjoyment from the photos, they were pretty much in awe. they really did totally enjoy themselves although it looks otherwise from the photos. didn't get any of jackson clapping his hands off! and gracie has found her new profession in life. sorry auntie caroline, no more "what do you want to be when you grow up? a soccer player" not it's "an elephant" which really means one of those girls in the great outfits that gets to ride on the elephants!

they took turns sitting with poppy and grandma and then back to mom and dad. it was funny at one point they were with mom and dad and poppy was at the end of our group sitting two seats away and he just looked like and old guy who went to the circus by himself! but i'm sure we looked silly when the kids were sitting with them. the show was that good though, that even though the kids were occupied elsewhere we were enjoying ourselves too.

gracie's new profession

me and J at the circus

J & G at the circus with poppy

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