Friday, May 2, 2008

school photos

i recently took pics at a local Montessori. 60 or so, 2-6 year olds, FUN! some kiddos i know from private shoots, and a lot i shot the previous year. so nice when it all runs smoothly and the teachers and parents are so pleased with everything. quite a compliment when even the shyest of children open up and get some good shots taken. of course with a small group i was able to offer some collages, not your typical school photo, but then again when you're dealing with little ones sometimes that's the best way to showcase their personality.

HELLO! do you not just LOVE her. such a cutie! which such a flare for drama!

yes, 1 child out of 60 actually took a bite of my apples!

could he be any more excited for his school photo!

i used a lot of this style collage for this shoot. seemed the best way to get the most out of their personality and it showcased siblings best too.

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