Wednesday, April 30, 2008

things that make me happy...

seems with the nicer weather bringing a general uplifting of spirits everyone is doing a "my favorites" or a top ten post. i can classify something or start a list of random things, but all these other statements of joy led me to one of my favorite things this time of year. the dogwood tree in the front of my house. we've lived here almost 2 years. when we were just looking at the house the dogwood was in full bloom and SOLD the place! looking through my dogwood glasses i overlooked what it meant to live sandwiched between colleges students and right in the middle of the main drag the college kids walk to and from the bars (hello! what's wrong with the sidewalks you ungrateful, disrespectful, undisiplined..... rrrrgggg! i digress let's keep it PG) but every year, the tree begins to blossom and create a pinky purpley mask over our home. our home is super cute in the first place, the tree just makes it picture postcard perfect! along with this bloom is the increasing number of college kids who venture out in the warmer weather, to which i muster up a smile because it can only mean that the semester is coming to an end and they will all be scattering back to where they came from soon!!! i always questioned those who found joy in the departure of the students when i first moved here. but it wasn't long before i learned the blissful peace of our little town without roucus parties and the great ease felt when you can go out to your favorite restaurants WITHOUT a reservation!

our little flowering abode!

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Anonymous said...

a nice reminder to visit your flowering abode...seems spring is there!