Tuesday, April 29, 2008

happy birthday to .... ME!!!!

yeah! happy birthday to me. i know i know, as you get older you're not supposed to look forward to your birthday so much. but i still like them. i get to chose the restaurant, i get to order what i've been secretly desiring (i.e. chocolate chip pancakes at the waffle shop this morning), i get to splurge on desert. what's wrong with that! every one's birthdays should make them feel even just a little special, FOREVER..... i mean as long as we're still having them we should celebrate them. why not! i have a wonderful family, great friends, and i look forward to this day (sometimes spilling over into the week) because i know what's coming, the guarantee that i will be calling, talking, emailing to most of them. happy day for me! this year's birthday wishes even started coming in early. it made me feel very special. my parents had come in on friday and made sure to stay until this morning. we had a lovely weekend. we got treated to dinners out without children. we had fun all around. it's always hard to have poppy and grandma drop the kids off at school because no matter how much you try to tell them they won't be here when i pick them up from school they don't always understand that and it's so sad when they come bounding in the house calling their name and then i'm left to tell them the bad news. any, that was a tangent.
birthdays are fun. i love getting birthday wishes from to top of gracie's lungs. she's very good at shouting, well, just about anything these days. and she as excited for me for my birthday as if it were her own. i think that helps my birthday enjoyment. today, i don't need any big bashes, no lavishes gifts. just a card from the children (one of which can actually sign his name now and one of which is absolutely convinced that a few scribbles spells her name) a little sweetness from a husband, and the noticeable lack of directions and instructions for the day, and some happy thoughts from my few but most amazing girlfriends!
oh happy day, happy birthday to me! i invite you over to the virtual coffee shop for a little snack and a little chat, that's the only thing that could top this day!

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Anonymous said...

Happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I am waiting for my sweet toddler to fall asleep so I can wish you many happy wishes for your birthday! kids do have quite a love for birthdays and they do make celebrating them very fun. Birthday weeks are even better! maybe i will go to benihana tonight in honor of you.