Friday, April 25, 2008


first off, it's not enough that i have a mini me, but i have found myself unconsciously dressing her in outfits of my past! the weather is just starting to get nice here in the tundra and we've been layering. not quite ready for shorts, but too nice for long pants and long shirts. so short on clothes the other day i'm dressing grace for school and i reach for a skirt. cute, ok. with what? ok, found a shirt with one of the many colors in the skirt. good, but it's not THAT nice out today. ok, hmmmm, pink leggings, perfect. didn't think much of it until the 3 or so comments later that day on how cute she's looked, how she looked like a shout out to the 80s. take a double take, yeah, she does look like a sort of G rated madonna, it's the leggings and the skirt combo. one friend commented that she looked like her circa 1988! funny how i didn't even see it until everyone else noticed. i was just proud of myself to be able to find 3 pieces in her drawers that all coordinated!!! to boot it was hair-do Wednesday, so she was sporting a rather involved do. (her brother has a standing appointment Wednesday mornings so we always try do to a fancy hair do that will keep her occupied while i arrange it and out of the way of her brother's hard work!)

the sunglasses add that extra style!

a close up of my handiwork!

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