Wednesday, April 9, 2008

UGH! i guess you can eat your vegetables!

what?!?! i know i know, did i get that right? i think i stumbled across something. while making dinner this evening my curious, hungry 2 year old was constantly back and forth between the living room and kitchen inquirying what i was doing. after requesting multiple snacks and consistantly being told that dinner will be served shortly she resorted to tippy toes to see what was on the counter. "what's tat?" looking at the bag of frozen vegetables. i reply, "it's frozen vegetables". she answers "i want 'rozen 'egebales". so i gave it a second and thought, why not! she'll either decide that she prefers them cooked or she'll eat a few carrots! well, turns out she likes her vegetables frozen better then cooked! after asking for more more more i was telling her no, dinner will be ready shortly, then paused and said "ugh, fine just eat the vegetables". as it came across my tongue, i thought how ridiculous that i would be bothered by the fact that she was haunting me for more vegetables!?!?! veggies are veggies and if she's like to eat her lot frozen, then so be it!


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Why not, indeed?! May have to try that with my picky eater. The other one can't get enough vegetables!

Anonymous said...

i'll have to give that a try!