Thursday, April 24, 2008

walking the elephants

walking the elephants? yes, walking the elephants. just what is says. small town living has it perks. i don't know how they get the elephants into madison square garden in manhattan but here in the middle of nowhere they WALK the elephants from the train, down the main street, up to the venue holding the circus. quite a site! it's one of those things we always enjoy doing but never hear about it until the day before or even the day of. we happen upon the news and scamper around to make time to go sit by the side of the road and wait for the elephants. free entertainment, can't beat it! this year we had our patience tried. we arrive at 2:45 to anxiously wait for the elephants to arrive between 3-3:30. by 3:45 nothing. well, they are elephants how fast do they really go?!?! we got word that there's been a delay. 2 hours. ok, we made a trip to the supermarket and made it back to restake our claim to the bank lawn at 5:00. waiting. waiting. by 6:15 i couldn't take it anymore. never mind the kids, i was ready for dinner. with a defeated air we reluctantly packed up and head out for a fast bite. at 7:15 we were done with dinner and go to head home and low and behold we ended up in a slow line of traffic no doubt trailing the elephants. we hurriedly turn around and make a different approach. it occurs to me that we might be able to beat the elephants and see them from the other direction. sure enough, we park and get out and soon after, FINALLY, we see ELEPHANTS! "look, ma, elephants!" followed by our best elephants imitations. quite exciting even if we logged 5 hours attempting to see these beasts! the marched on down, turned the corner and headed up to their home for the weekend. we have since bought our tickets to the go to the circus on saturday with poppy and grandma, and boy do they have a hard time with purchasing tickets and not being able to go immediately. i'll follow up with out trip to the circus soon!

getting ready for the elephants!

nothing like log rolling down hills to pass the time

here they come!

luckily we ran into miss sharon who helped me watch my kids and prevent them from running in the street and getting trampled, while i, of course, was taking pictures...

look! horses too! somewhere in there was gracie's imaginary pink unicorn that she most definately saw!

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