Thursday, June 5, 2008

the key to the smile

this one made me work for it. apparently this little guy thinks being one year old is A LOT of work because he is VERY serious! nothing a good toss in the air couldn't break up. but that's about it for his smiles. we decided to go with his more serious, pensive look, it was more in character! he was definitely daddy's boy! it's so interesting to shoot so many different personalities at different stages in their lives. this little guy was just really into his "home base" and couldn't really get comfortable if dad wasn't immediately in reach. i just have to laugh at shoot where dad arranges and brings the child by himself. so different. just dad and child, no diaper bag, no snacks, no favorite toy, nothing..... not even for a little boy who had messy pants, a sure fire way to a grumpy face. he did have a whole box of tissues in the stroller, thank heavens for that! but only a dad would show up to a shoot with just the subject! we made this little guy work it for a long time and then we finally decided to give him and a break and let him go. posing and smiling was just not his idea of a great day!

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