Sunday, July 6, 2008

i bet you couldn't do this if you tried....

yes, that's the j-man sleeping.

during the fireworks.

he didn't go to sleep beforehand, he fell asleep right in the middle of the thunderous roar of the 45 minutes long fireworks show. you know the booming, the kind that you feel in your chest? yes, that's when he couldn't take anymore and went to sleep. CRAZY!!?!?

i thought that was pretty remarkable. other than that we had a lovely fourth of july. E's parents came up as well has his brother and his family and a friend of KT's. we played and bbqed, and trekked over to the show. here in quiet little central pa we happen to have the one of the largest all volunteer non profit july 4th festivals and fireworks displays. not too shabby. the whole days draws 50,000-70,000 people. all in walking distance from our home. if anyone would like to learn more visit

the in laws took my kids back down to their house afterwards. it was weird for E and i to stand there afterwards waving good bye to EVERYONE and to go back in to a QUIET home! quiet and productive home for the rest of the weekend. E hung drywall, i sewed sewed sewed, getting ready for Arts Fest. i'm excited about the amount of inventory i have. i know i'll always want to have more, but i have more now than i ever had for any other show. now let's just hope folks come looking to buy!

a little face painting to get into the festivities

J's full 4th of july regalia, compliments of school

all the kiddos sporting presents pap and gram brought back from their trip to CO

showing a little pride in the red white & blue

maddie pushing N & G on the way to the fireworks

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Anonymous said...

That is overstimulation for you!
I can not believe how big the cousins are! Those McQueen crocs are adorable! good luck at ArtFest.