Sunday, July 13, 2008

arts fest

here's a little visual blog of the weekend. very LONG, very HOT, very TIRING, but super successful and all worth it! all around great weekend, great show. hot, steamy weather but the people still came out. loved seeing folks i haven't seen in awhile and catching up with local friends and getting to see old customers who stopped in to say hello and how pleased they are with what they purchased years before. doesn't get any better than that! all my new products were received quite well. and i love to see the totes and messenger bags i work so hard on go home with very excited customers. alright, must go put my feet up!

me, doing my thing

a complete set on display, sling, mat, tote, single serve, binkee bungee.

a favorite of passersby this show

FUN inside!

new product that was a hit, reversible, reusable shoppers. go green!

another new product that was a hit, i had one left! reversible smocks.

one more new product that everyone loved, binkee bungees, a natural addition to the baby gift set.

gift set for a client that i made beforehand to put on display

a great new messenger that was happily sold!

still looking for a home, the inside fabric sells this one!


gracie's version of helping. she liked stopping by to see momma work and wanted to know why i went to the fair so much.

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATS. I am so happy that it went well!