Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to GRACIE!!!!

today was miss gracie's 3rd birthday! where has the time gone! i cannot believe it. quite a big girl these days. we had a very excited, full, fun birthday. she picked a special dress to wear to school and got to wear all of her "firework" hair clips in the her hair. (auntie manya, just so you know, she still asks about you and your clips and always thinks it's special when she gets to wear them :-) she picked to make cookies as her treat to bring to her classmates, and oddly enough her favorite cookie is gingersnaps. i warned her that it's possible that the other children in class just might not like them but i suspect that was part of her plan! she'd finish off the ones the others left behind! yesterday we made gingersnap cookies from scratch. gracie was a big help and loved bringing them in herself to share with her friends and much to every one's surprised the other children loved the cookies (either that or the teachers told me that and ate them themselves!)

she was excited to leave school after lunch because we were going to the mall to get her ears pierced! she has been talking about it for about a week and had her mind set on earrings. we've talked about it in the past but it was always a passing moment or short lived infatuation, but she was persistent this time and we felt she was ready. she was SOOO excited! i tried to tell her that it might hurt without scaring her. i'd hate for her to be blindsided and look at me like "WHY on earth wouldn't you tell me that were going to be making HOLES in my EARS!!!" we arrived at claire's only to find that they only had one person working there today. in the past we've seen little ones get double timed and have one person shoot each ear at the same time. eric and i paused but felt if they only got one in we'd be able to talk her into the other. the woman was great with grace and she was all ready, never really put any thought into the fact that it might hurt. the woman did one ear and within 5 seconds she did the other and then grace figured out was going on and started to cry. the woman said that ws the trick get that second one in during the shock period of what-just-happened-here?!?! and we were able to go to the hello kitty section and distract her by picking out some new earrings. she was good as new, even better because she had shiny new earrings in! what a birthday treat!

we came home and opened her presents. she got a fancy nancy book and a fancy nancy tutu, but the most beloved was a littlest pet shop set of her very own! she was very excited and we got it out right away and just kept thanking me for picking such a great gift! very sweet.

no big birthday party here but she got to pick where we were going for dinner, CiCi's Pizza it is! and she got to pick her friend mimi to come along (mimi who is actually a friend of jackson's from school but who gracie just adores) i can't really complain because selfishly it meant that we were going to get a night out with good friends as well, even if it was over pizza with macaroni and cheese on it!

fun-filled, jam packed day! good day all around. happy 3rd birthday my little chunky monkey!

ready for school!

running full speed to get to Claire's

sitting like a big girl all ready to get her ears pierced

showing off her new earrings after only very few tears

showing off her hello kitty tattoos she got in her birthday card

this afternoon was a hot one so gracie gave her new ariel snorkel set a try

can't leave out the j-man on this day

at birthday dinner with her buddy mimi

passing off CiCi's brownies as birthday cake!

family pic

mr. dirk in charge of ALL the kids in the arcade!

gracie got to play the grabber game as a birthday treat. keep this girl out of vegas because i think her gambling habits are forming early!


Wendy Anderson Schulz said...

Happy birthday Gracie! You are very brave. I think I cried for a week after I had my ears pierced! You look lovely in your new earrings.

Anonymous said...

wish i could have been there to celebrate! Happy Birthday Grace and Congratulations Fara for creating 3 great years for your daughter!