Sunday, October 26, 2008

WE ARE.....

PENN STATE!!! you know in all my years of taking photos in Happy Valley this may very well be the first time i had a family do a Penn State theme. i loved it, it was really cute!
and as previously mentioned this is another growing party of five! only this five has 3 three years old and UNDER! phfew! everyone took turns wanting to be the star, but i have to say Baby stole the show! at 4 months she was right on cue in the family photos and hammed it up in her solo shots. and then she was DONE, kaput, and went to sleep in daddy's arms.
i've been shooting Big Sis since she was, hmmm, probably only six months old, and CRAWLING!!!! it's so much fun to watch families grow and personalities develop. i think it's safe to say that if these guys have any more kids they're going to look EXACTLY like the ones they have! the genes are strong in this family!

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