Monday, October 6, 2008

kozy kabin kamping

a last minute decision to go away fro the weekend lands us in a little kozy kabin on a campground in mexico. mexico, pennsylvania that is.....

perfect weekend camping. it's almost unthinkable to think about tent camping and all that work for just a weekend with two kids, so finding a place that provides the shelter, great compromise. it was just under an hour away which is good too, not a long a haul. campground was huge. the most RVs i ever seen on one campground. seems a lot of the folks rent spots for months at a time and probably spend most of their weekends there. on the plus side, big campground had a great playground, and lot of activities (a great pool for nicer weather of course). we also rented a golf cart to tootle around. that's all the kids need for entertainment!

the kids loved the cabin itself. with a ladder to the loft to crawl around in they were set going up and down, up and down. saturday morning they had a scheduled Halloween craft, and after lunch they had a Halloween parade, trick or treating and a party afterwards. what a great way to make the most of our Halloween costumes. on saturday night they had a haunted hayride and a haunted house. we weren't sure what the kids would think but i'm determined that they won't be scaredy cats like me! they were pretty ok with everything surprisingly. jackson didn't care for the men who shot off muzzle loaders on the hayride (it was part of a scare tactic not just random scary guys) from faraway he thought they were fireworks, but from close up he was not too fond. and in the haunted house the thing thing that scared the kids the most was when grandma margie was in front and screamed when she was scared!!! they were very thoughtful though and had an "out" just before the last scariest part of the haunted house. through most of it gracie was just trying to figure out why there were people in gorilla suits and strangely why there was someone in a bunny costume! i think most of the haunted house "employees" were thoughtful enough to realize how little they were and they didn't go all out.

jackson was just excited to get his "Woody" boots out and wear them. i'm convinced the cheap Wal-Mart boots hurt his feet but he just WON'T take them off! and gracie has finally settled on being buzz lightyear. she waviered with Ariel for awhile but when we found a great buzz costume to borrow from a friend, who can resist blow up wings!!?!?!

the kids craft project

can't go camping without MARSHMALLOWS!!!

sitting by the fire side

swinging on the playground

gracie's new favorite thing to do, "digger-diggers" in the sand box

the Halloween parade

practicing her princess wave

trick or treating

a modified Woody (from Toy Story) this weekend he was a cowboy until i get the rest of his costume finished!

she LOVES to toast the marshmallows but prefers hers straight out of the bag

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