Sunday, October 26, 2008

and puppy makes three...

two big kids! well, more like three kids but one was canine! i love big kids! they listen, look, smile, on cue. not that these two didn't behave like brother and sister, there was plenty of that, but they were behaving just as one would expect a 10 & 12 year old to behave. it reminded me a lot of me and my brother.
and since the majority of my clients are of the under 8 set this was my first encounter of kids picking their own outfits! now keep in mind, Big Sis looks beautiful in the shot of her in the tall grasses, almost reminiscent of summer at the beach, but..
it's october.
in pennsylvania.
and it's somewhere in the range of 45-50 degrees out with the sun quickly setting! i was shivering just looking at her! but it did light a fire under us and we worked fast and furious to bang this shoot out.
plus we had their Little Sis, their pug puppy, Poppy (say that 3x fast!) i always hold my breath when a client stops and tells me, "and, um, we have a dog we'd like to include in the photos". agh! give me a terrible two year old any day! dogs are so unpredictable and i spend the whole shoot holding my breath that i'm capturing what the family wants. kids, i can look and tell if they're giving me a funny face. dogs, that's another story. but this one was a dream! i believe she was actually competing with Big Brother to see who could be the biggest ham!
take a look....

they certainly LOVE their puppy!

look at him! so mature!

and, NO, we are NOT at the beach, although we might wish we were.....

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ManyaG said...

ok so i am ready to leave a comment on every entry but will leave just this one....wonderful work fara! I may plan a little session when you come down. over the holidays i couldn't get it together to get pictures of me with the kids but would love some