Friday, October 3, 2008

NYC Buddy Walk 2008

one more buddy walk done! after so many years of beautiful weather we were bound to have a rainy one eventually! what a soggy day! it really cut back on before the walk activities. we all huddled under umbrella's trying to stay as dry as possible.

the weather didn't seem to deter people coming out though. pretty amazing. it cleared up as we were walking. and the rain certainly didn't stop jackson, who preferred NOT to wear his rain coat, and was all about the "buddy RUN"! why walk when you can run?! answer - because the your mother has to carry you when you tire out!

thanks to all who came out to walk and thanks to all who supported us! i can't believe this was our 5th NYC buddy walk.

Jackson's Joggers

the man of the hour

anna smiling in the rain

as jackson calls it "buddy RUN!"


getting a little tired from all that running. j has to work on pacing himself.

emily, sam and aunt lyn

ron and anna

all done! time for dry clothes and lunch!

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Sara said...

Yay!! Looks like you guys had a great, albeit WET, time!! Congrats on your 5th year of Buddy Walkin (or running!) Love from the Brownsons!!