Sunday, October 26, 2008

sugar and spice and everything nice...

it's that time of year again! to shoot one of my favorite little girls! and to boot this year she has a beautiful little sister! i'm sure Big Sis will teach her everything she she knows. Big Sis has been one of my easiest clients to shoot since we start a few years back. one of those kids who always takes a great photo, listens beyond any other child, and is just the cutest thing on top of all that! i've always shot Big Sis outdoors but Little Sis required us to spend some time inside this year and they both did great! no struggling to get everyone to look, no temper tantrums, what a joy. i can't wait to watch these sisters grow up. next year, i bet Little Sis is just running around after Big Sis!

see!??! what poses, and it all comes natural!

gotta LOVE a happy baby!

ugh! i can just eat her up! and catch my reflection in her eyes? so cool!

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