Friday, October 24, 2008

Ariel on Broadway!

oh time is just flying by and i cannot keep up with myself. i realized i never followed up on gong into NYC to see the Little Mermaid on Broadway! what a delight! i had just a few passing concerns that grace might be too little but I as anxious to give it a whirl. what a lovely time! my mother and i took her into the city for the day and it was such a treat. she was plenty happy just to ride the train into NY! we walked through the city, had lunch, and went to the show. it was great, we thoroughly enjoyed it all.
i totally thought there would be more little girls who would come decked out in costume but there really weren't any. gracie had on her mother-made ariel dress (really a sundress but we layered for the october day)and she has a special "show" hairdo that seem to stop everyone in their tracks and compliment her on her hair. really just two french braids that joined into one. but it was special for her.
she spent most of her time divided between my mother's lap and my lap and the time she wasn't sitting with either of us she was standing, mouth agape, hanging onto the seat in front of her. i was afraid the show was going to be too long for her but at intermission she got upset that it was over. after i assured her that was more we pottied and came back. this time i told her that the next time it stops it will be all done so she was prepared. next time i'll have to rephrase that because at the end of each scene much to the giggles of those surrounding us she nervously asked "is it over?!?!" everything was going so completely well i knew there had to be a hitch. ours were the ribbons that shot out at the end. no, she was scared by it, she was tragically, and dramatically sadden by the fact that she didn't get one to take home. a terrific wonderful experience marred by not being able to catch a $.02 ribbon being shot our over the crowd. curse you disney on broadway folks, why did you have to take it that far! we calmed her down as we left and tried to tell her that all the other little girls had to give them back to shoot out at the next show. sometime you just have to lie.
and the icing on the cake we got to see my aunt marsha and her granddaughter stephanie on the train ride home after they had come into to see legally blond. gracie is just crazy about big girls so she gave me up in an instant to sit with steph and mooch her skittles on the way home.
yeah! i'm so glad that everything went so well (aside from the ribbon incident) that i will be inspired to treat her to something like that in the future!

waiting for the train into NYC

having fun on the train ride

at lunch with grandma

waiting in line to go into the theater and get our seats

having tootsie rolls while we wait for the show to start

getting a delicious NYC pretzel for the train ride home

meeting stephanie and aunt marsha on the train home

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