Wednesday, September 3, 2008

first day of school!!!!

today is the first full day of school and i have one 5 year old boy who is READY!!!! he was very excited to put on his new backpack (which looks strikingly similar to his old backpack) and go to the bus stop! with such anticipation we actually had to sit patiently (or not) in front of our house for a little bit and then we made it to the corner with just a few minutes of waiting for the bus to arrive. living so close to school a nice perk is that the 4 kids at our stop are the only kids on the bus! the next block over starts the walkers and we just squeak in. miss heidi, the bus driver, runs the same area for the middle school an hour earlier and picks up lots of kids but with the elem. so close there are only 4 and it's the only stop. which is great in my mind! less time for J to think about getting into trouble. plus, aside from J and one other kindergartner there are 4th grade and 5th grade girls! what more could a mother ask for! they were both put in charge of making sure J doesn't
1. dump the contents of his backpack on the 2 minute drive to school
2. gets off with the backpack when they arrive at school
J was so excited he bounded up the steps of the bus and made his way to the 3rd row. then i had to scurry on after him and instruct him that miss heidi (and his mother) would prefer that all kindergartners would sit in the first row.
who knows what he's getting into today at kindergarten, but i have a feeling i'm going to have one tired little boy getting off the bus at 2:56.


Wendy Anderson Schulz said...

Where did you get that big boy from and what happened to Jackson! I can't believe he is taking the bus. Sarah is VERY jealous! She watches the buses arrive each day with great amounts of envy! Congrats on getting everyone off to school!

heidi183 said...

I love the picture of him literally running onto the bus. You really captured that moment well.

marion said...

what a momentous occasion for poppy and grandma to see jackson happily going on the bus on his first big day of school
luvyall, G & P

ManyaG said...

bounding on is right...not so much getting off. Let us know what time he fell asleep! what a busy day