Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the girls....





& me!

these are my girls! friends from the start of college where we all got roped in to rowing crew (or were at least roommates with someone who did!) we just went on our annual girls weekend. what a joy to look forward to and what a good time was had by all. i hear of weekends that girls just partied till dawn, and those who were able to travel great distance on some exotic adventure. but i don't think that's what this weekend means to me. i like to just - be. just get around my dear old friends and tell stories from our past, laugh at the same old jokes, and talk about fresh new events in our lives. since we're all over the U.S. i look forward to this time to go and sit and - be. hang out at a coffee shop like i would love to do with all of them throughout the year. window shop and walk around town with out a care and just - be. the weather helped us out this year. in Breckenridge, CO is was 50 and chilly, and rainy! so we were forced to just hang out and - be, and i couldn't be happier. sure there were great adventures planned and I'm sure we'll get another chance but it didn't stop my good time one drop. to me, it doesn't matter so much what we do it's who we're doing it with. like trying to cram a year's worth of coffees, movies, and bottles of wine into one weekend! it's not enough. i guess it never will be, but i take what i can get. we chitter chatter right to the airport and then, some, even on the plane home. there's always something to say and the joy of being able to just - be, without all the little "mommy i need help"s, "mommy he hit me"s in the background. time to just focus on each other and ourselves.
i can't wait for our next trip and i'm excited to get started planning. like one of my wise dear friends just said "you just can't make old friends". you've got what you got and i cherish them immensely. i love that we all bring something to the table. different backgrounds, different careers, different lifestyles and such, but i think what makes us works is that that's what we love about each other. we're eager to hear from each other and learn what the others are doing. those without kids allow us to go on and on about them, and we crave to know what exciting adventures others have gone on that we have not been able to.
well i could go on and on. i just love this time we have together and i just get so excited when i hear anyone talking about their girls weekend. it translates into the same thing no matter who is doing it and where they are going, time to just - be.
be together
be free
be fun
be happy
be whatever you feel like being.....

the girls...

snow topped breckenridge, in AUGUST!!!!

cheers to jenny who was there in spirit and is certain to be at next years!

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ManyaG said...

amen sister! would next month be too early to plan another one? Thanks for the picture you selected for your post