Monday, September 8, 2008

busy big family

here's a handful of a family! twins just under two and a little brother! i love a challenge! and the mother! i don't know how she does it! she looked lovely (we also took some family pics) and she was calm and cool through the whole shoot. i went with the angle of lets-capture-them-in-action! because that was about all i was going to capture, these girls on the run! we had a beautiful backdrop, the grandparents house in the rolling hills and they even had horses! baby brother was not as eager to be in the limelight but sometimes that's the nature of a 9 month old, they get to choose when and where they want to do things! he was quite agreeable for the family shots and i couldn't really ask for more than that!

girls on the go!

we got a hint of a smile!

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