Wednesday, September 3, 2008

he returned!

for the first time in my life i set my baby in a strange vehicle, driven by a stranger, to be taken somewhere that i don't frequent. i'm not one of those weepy mothers who can't believe their baby is in kindergarten. i am genuinely completely excited and proud that he's there. i did stop a few times throughout the day and wonder "WHAT are they doing ALL day?" i knew his preschool schedule inside and out, this is just another schedule i'll have to figure out. the draw back of jackson, shall i say, is the lack of his communication skills? so i can't ask him how his day was and what he did, but the bonus is that we have people that tell us. he has a binder in his backpack with a note from the day. his special today was music and "He LOVED it!!!", he did a good job in PT, he ate most of his pizza, applesauce and apple juice, his art projects were his first day hat, and his "kissing hand" poem, and he played with play-dough (which i am skeptical about since he never wanted to play with play-dough before). all around good news. the best news was i sent him on this strange bus and guess what? he came back. although he didn't bound off the bus as excitedly as he bound on. i had to reach in a coax him out. something tells me he'd be more than happy cruising around with miss heidi in the big yellow school bus!
so i think he's set and we're going to do this all again tomorrow. in celebration he got to pick where he'd like to go out for dinner, surprise surprise CiCi's Pizza. (i'm not that organized to realize that he had pizza for lunch and i had already promised him pizza for dinner, don't turn me in to the nutrition police!)


ManyaG said...

FANTASTIC! congratulations Jackson...great picture fara