Tuesday, September 16, 2008

first big girl haircut

can you believe it?!! a child with this amount of hair has never been to a salon. she's always been styled by mom. well we decided that it was time to get her first official haircut (this way the trims by me in between don't get too crazy). we were trying to pump her up but not much seemed to be work. "no haircut, mom!", "i want YOU to cut it, like jackson's in the kitchen". i didn't have high hopes she'd follow through. especially since when we got there and had to walk up the stairs to go in she stopped short on the stairs and started crying and wouldn't budge. people went around her and gave us sympathetic eyes. i'm not sure if they were sympathetic because she was sad about her getting her haircut or if they were just plain sad that they might potentially have to get their haircut with a screaming lunatic in the nice peaceful salon....
anyway, a few tears and "i don't want to get my haircut"s later the receptionist produced a lollipop which, like magic, produced some smiles. our hair dresser was running late so we spent some time watching the other ladies get their haircut and discussing what was going to happen.

before, just a little wild and woolly.

sassy smiles with her lollipop while we wait.

getting her hair washed in the sink like a fancy nancy with princess shampoo!

good spirits for the actual haircut. don't be fooled, this was a M&M induced smile.

AFTER! not a whole lot different but neater.


Anonymous said...

what a cutie pie. hurray for beauty salons
grandma M

heidi183 said...

R was begging for a haircut last weekend, but the salon is closed on Sundays. Maybe we'll try to go today. I am terrified to try it myself with her crazy curls. G's new 'do is cute!