Tuesday, June 1, 2010

summer fun

break out the kiddie pools
apply the sun block
we're ready for summer fun around here

gracie's grin when she gets caught doing something she's not supposed to be doing:

which was this, but at her brother. she was more then pleased to demonstrate for the camera:

snackin' in the pool:

jackson taking a turn getting her for a change:

backyard peonies. how uplifting:

one of our new favorite activities. going out for a nature walk after bath time in our jammies. we bring colored pencils and journals and sketch and talk about what we see. this is a neighbor with very elaborate plantings that is a favorite stop:

the neighbors garden's close up:

jackson hard at work sketching an iris:

gracie's chose a beautiful single rose for her first sketch:

tyler chose to drink a bottle instead ;-):

we even saw a hot air balloon! that was a fun addition to our journals (mom drew the balloon, j wrote the sentences):

another mom and j collaboration:

tyler getting a little antsy with all this stopping on a walk!:

nothing pretties up a pair of pjs than fancy sandals!:

grace trying her hand at pushing tyler. think that will remain a mommy job!:

one of jackson's favorite spots, the tree tunnel!:

j hard at work again. he really took to this task:

brotherly love! t adores his brother and j is never short on games to play with him, 'eat your feet', 'tickle my belly', 'where's tyler?' and all result in big grins!:

monkey boy on our dogwood in our front yard:
tonight maybe we'll draw the trees . . .


ManyaG said...

what a wonderful entry...will you adopt me? A great idea for summer fun. As usual wonderful pics

Kerri said...

makes me wish we lived on your street! I wish we had more fun stuff to look at on a walk around our neighborhood!