Tuesday, June 8, 2010

beautiful day to play with ducks!

what a day to be outside playing with these two cuties! glorious day, and great kiddos who put up with me chasing them! big sis started out on fire and then was ready to play and little brother who needed some warm up time. sweet kiddos, check em out:

big sis has an ornery grin eh?:

snuck a little grin out of this shy guy. check out his right eye! that's a big sister for you! now it will be documented forever. you can get her back when your older ;-):

what a sweetie:

my favorite pose for a girl on the move and who has no need to conform to society's need for a family portrait ;-). i think it captures her personality and her phase at the moment!:

sweet moment:

daddy can get the grins out of this guy!:

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