Tuesday, June 22, 2010

stellar children!

met a new family at spring creek park yesterday! it's one thing meeting a family you've shot before. you know what you're getting into. you know personalities. you know tricks to get them to smile. you know likes and interests. but then there's that exciting world of the unknown awaiting a completely new family. are the kids going to be shy? are they going to be out of control? i make mental notes of things to try and routes around the photo site. and you just don't know until they get out of the car and you see them searching for someone, as i am searching for them. sometimes there's a warm up period. try to figure things out. these kids? they were a go right from the start! friendly, polite, fun, and eager to participate! let the fun begin. we darted here and we darted there and shot a huge variety of shots it was hard to pick a few favorites for the sneak peek.
here are some of my favs:

all the kiddos:

doesn't joy just exude from her beautiful eyes!:

this was my shy guy, but i think he proved he can pull out a sweet, kind smile when he wants:

this guy? he was FUN! a mile a minute and definitely keeps this family on their toes!:

getting some sillies out:

i *heart* this:

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