Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a walk in the park . . .

what a fun family to shoot this morning! so often i spend the whole sitting trying to get kids to come out of their shells, not so with this family! the big kids we're very agreeable and energetic which always makes for great shots and tons of variety! and they were able to help with little sis who may not have enjoyed the chilly morning as much as the rest of us! it's a lot of fun to watch the family dynamic and see so many different personalities come out of one family. and how fun to have to big siblings fighting over who gets to hold their little sister (i'll take that over fighting with each other like they do in my house any day!)

look at this beauty! she had more and more fun as we got going:

and this one had enough energy for the whole family! don't you just love that smile? you can just hear the giggle that goes with it:

quite a task getting all three to sit still and look, but that's the challenge i love!:

this little sweetheart adores her mother! it's plain to see:

an my fav, kids just being kids and capturing the moment of being together:

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