Wednesday, September 9, 2009

miles of smiles

here's a super sweet family. check out ALL these kiddos! 4 in one shoot! and yes, they are one of those families . . . beautiful kids, great behavior, sweet to each other, they listen during the shoot, they're kind to each other, i could go on an on! if i could clone them i would! i had so much fun running around, inside and out, trying to get it all done. i didn't want to leave it was all working so well. can't wait to edit the rest and check them all out!

YES! all looking and all smiles! no photoshop required!:

check out this sweetheart:

he loves his daddy:

and the big bruiser disguised as a 2 year old girl in a frilly dress:
just twirlin', what else could you want to do?:

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