Monday, March 31, 2008

raising children that are more politically active than myself

now i know, at 2 1/2 and 5 they are not technically politically active, but i am trying to expose them so that maybe they won't fear it as much as myself. on sunday i got a call that friends of ours were heading into town to go hear Barack Obama talk on Penn State's Old Main Lawn. Interesting. you're bringing the kids?!?! yeah, we thought it would be great to tell them one day that you saw him talk. hmmmm, i'm buying this. not something i would venture to do alone with both kids but this couple is doing it with their three kids so safety in numbers! i agree to join them and show them the way to campus. we expertly dodge lines and crowds and end up realtively close, and since i'm 5' 10" i actually have a vantage point. so far so good. gracie loves the "party", they're playing good music and she's cutting a little rug. between both families we brought enough snacks and enough toys to occupy the kiddos. i'm able to take in about 75% of the talk as i monitor, and i'm impressed, this is the most political things i've done in ages. i'm usually so cynical of politics in the first place, but i will say hearing something in person adds a little extra. he pushes that he doesn't take money from special interest groups and i have to say that's refreshing. with any result it was invigorating to take part, and hey, if he wins we can say we say him when....

my little politicians in the making

really, he's there, i highlighted him

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