Saturday, March 29, 2008

nose ring etiquette?

OK, maybe the 2 people who would ever read this have found themselves in the same situation and would know how to handle it better. let's paint the picture, is a lazy Saturday, I'm out with my kids running errands and we stop for some lunch at a local pizza shop. but because my kids are up at the crack of dawn and had breakfast hours earlier they're ready for lunch at 11:00am! i stall a little but, still, we're inside sitting down for lunch no later than 11:20, so there's NO ONE else in there besides myself, my two kids, the young woman who works the front and the own just in the back flipping pizzas. the young woman, has a more alternative look, no big deal, she's super nice and friendly with the kids. she brings us coloring books and is quick with the order and very attentive. so after awhile we are well into our meal and she has been back and forth to service us, she turns to leave our table and head back to the cash register, which only a mere 6 feet away, and sweet little Gracie asks in her stage whisper, "WHAT'S IN HER NOSE, MOMMA?". she is, of course, referring to the U shaped piece of hardware between her nostrils with the balls on either end. much like you would see in a bull's nostril? that's the best image i can conjure up. i swallow my mouthful and pause. realizing i need to supply an answer or the question will surely be repeated (what doesn't get repeated by a 2 year old?!?!) also realizing that i am sure this young woman has heard the question and due to the size of the establishment we will never be out of earshot, i quickly answer, "it's like an earring in her nose", and change the subject by offering her more of her favorite Parmesan cheese on her pizza. i realize that could have gone much worse, but time froze for a second because really there wasn't a single sound in the whole place for minute and a half the question and answer took place.

so, do i just leave it at that? she took notice of the world around her. is it too early to say, no no no, honey, nose rings are not for you. because she asks for earrings when we pass Claire's in the mall. am i to expect a request for a nose ring now too? self expression is great, and earrings are appropriate at any age, but i think i have to draw the line at a nose ring. you have to go through some deep self exploration before deciding that's the choice for you. well, i guess i have to make better dining choices for us now, I'll look out for busier, nosier places!


Anonymous said...

my scary parent moment when i realized landon was noticing the world around him came when we were on a movie playdate with a girl and she was tickling his neck and they were giggling in the DARK movie theater and sharing popcorn!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Nosier places, or noisier places?!

By the way, I do have a nose ring. But it's in my nose, not between my nostrils and it's a sparkly diamond.

Kids do ask me about it, but I always tell them I didn't get it until I was 32--not 12.