Sunday, September 9, 2012

long time, no post . . .

so, it's been two years since i posted here.  facebook has taken over.  of course facebook is super easy and super fast but i've discovered that for 'sharing' work photos my albums on facebook are getting overloaded.  also the photo quality on facebook is not ideal.  so this is an initial test post to do a comparison but i believe that's the way to go.  we'll start with our little afternoon shoot we had today to test out my new backdrop.  i love when my kids are gung-ho for a shoot, although typically that doesn't last long.  you could never tell from the pics all the eye rolling and protesting i got! LOL.  each of them on their own did terrific, it was the group shots that got a little trickier.  but that's exactly what i tell my clients, so why should my kids be any different!

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