Thursday, March 26, 2009

back in business!

phfew! that was a LONG blog break! something about being WAY too busy in the holiday months to keep up with everything and having a real quiet jan & feb. but things are going to be picking up here shortly with some photos shoots before my next personal little model arrives in May.

so here's a sweet family with a VERY rambunctious 16 month old! it was all about blake. figuring out what would make him smile, trying different things to get him to stay with us where we were taking pictures. this little guy had his own agenda. parents wanted real sitting pretty portraits, but i love what we got, a sweet family playing and interacting which really shows in the pics.

money shot! just look at the gleam in his eyes!

this is one of my favorites. so often you forget to capture those moments hanging our in a bed just being silly.

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